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We are the number one Russian marriage agency on the Net (DM Planet LLP). Lots of Russian girls looking for marriage have joined us to find a Western or Eastern man. And their expectations are not in vain. Every day 2 to 4 marriages are celebrated among our clients. This is the real result of our work, a result we can be proud of. How do we make it happen? Well, there are several reasons. But the main one is DIRECT and UNLIMITED communication. Unlike most services we DO NOT sell the girls' emails or letters to our male clients. Once you become a Gold member, you will be able to interact with any Russian girls on the site WITH NO LIMITATIONS.

Free membership

All Russian girls who joined us have access to the Internet and are able to contact you directly. As a result, after a FREE registration, you can immediately begin communicating with ANY girls. You can send several winks or write to several girls you like, regardless of whether they are Free, Silver or Gold female members. The initial winks, postcards and messages are FREE.

So, if you are looking for beautiful, honest, and loyal Russian girls for marriage or long-term relationships, join us and wink at any ladies of your choice or write them to initiate contact!

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We are a subscription-based marriage agency.
All new profiles and photos are moderated.

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Because it works

If you want to get the advantage over other men on the site, be sure to purchase the Gold membership and log in to your profile as often as possible. A Gold membership and frequent visits to the site will give you a significant advantage in search results.

What happens is that when the girls use the site's search engine, they are first shown photos of Gold members, while Standard (free) members are left until later. In addition, online users' photos are also shown before others.

Gold membership

You pay a fixed monthly fee and then may send and receive an UNLIMITED number of messages to and from any girls on the site WITHOUT any additional or hidden fees.

Also you can exchange your contact details with any girls on the site to communicate with them by email, phone, Skype, etc. You do NOT pay any extra fee for it.

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No charge for each letter or contact info!

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Men's questions

Why do these beautiful Russian girls register on a dating site, even though there should be tons of men who want to marry them?

There are several answers to this questions. It's not all that easy for a beautiful Russian girl to get married in Russia. It's no big deal to find a boyfriend, but finding a husband is harder. Read more...

Will a Russian wife love me or my money?

Most Russian girls do not expect to profit financially from relationships. If a beautiful Russian girl prefers to have a rich lover, she can find that kind of guy in Russia, no problem. For the majority of Russian women a kind, open and generous heart is way more important than your material status. Read more...

Anti-scam program

With our multi-level anti-scam program, all new girls who join us have to pass a multi-step verification process. The profiles of girls who appear suspicious to our managers are never published on the site. You should be aware that we discover and delete dozens of scammer profiles every day. Read more...

The PI test

Complete our online psychological test. It will only take a few minutes, but after it you will be able to see your compatibility rate with any ladies on the site (one to five red hearts next to the profiles, that are shown if both you and she have completed this test). This unique system was designed by professionals and can save a lot of your time.

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How to

1. After registering on the site as a Standard (free) member, you will be able to send a few winks, postcards, and messages to a few girls, whether they are Free, Silver, or Gold female members. This will allow you to initiate contact. If a girl likes you, she will answer. (By the way, there's an online translator on the site.)

Your first message to a Russian girl looking for marriage is very important, because it gives her some general ideas about you, your life and what you are searching for on the site.

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2. To have the chance to catch a girl's eye, you should thoroughly fill out your profile and upload several quality photos. Without a photo your chances will be next to nothing. A good guy with an average appears has a chance on this site. A good guy who hides his appearance has no chance of success here.

Remember that your photo is the only thing that gives a woman the first impression about who you are.

Please take note that your profile, your new photos and videos become visible to ladies only after approval. (Nude, sexual and other offensive pics are prohibited!)

3. It would also be a good idea to enter one or several of your photos into the men's photo contest. If any girl gives it the maximum score (10 points), you will get a corresponding notification. Then take a look at her profile - who knows, maybe you'll like her, too?

4. Don't forget to take our PI test to see compatibility rates with the girls.

5. You can also use our search engine to find your match.

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6. If some girl answers you, upgrade to Gold membership and send messages (all of which are free for Gold members). If you purchase the Gold membership, your opportunities will be greatly increased. For example, now you will have the chance to rate girls' photos. If you give a girl's photo the maximum score, she will also be notified and might take a look at your profile. What a great way to meet!

To become a Gold member, you pay a fixed monthly fee and get an unlimited communications service. There will be no additional or hidden payments for communicating with Russian girls interested in marriage!

It's Gold membership that makes you king. Once you're a Gold member, you can send and receive an UNLIMITED number of messages on the site, to and from ANY Russian girls in our database. In addition, a Gold member can exchange contact info with girls for FREE and contact them outside the site: by phone, Skype, etc.

7. We recommend that you start an exchange with several girls (but no more than five at a time!) See if they answer your question, if you are comfortable with them. You won't know what to say with some of them, but you will instantly find some topics with others.

It's best to send around 50 messages. That allows you to really CHOOSE. It will allow you to see who you are comfortable with, and who will be interested in you.

After a few messages invite your girl to a chat. And don't stick to online communications for long. Ask the girl to give you a phone number or a Skype ID and call her. Read more about mistakes other men have made...

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8. If after a few phone calls or Skype video chats you realize that you really like her, don't waste time. Go to Russia and meet her personally. Live in a hotel, not at her house or apartment. If after two, at most three meetings you feel that you both want it, make arrangements to marry her.

Every day we receive letters of thanks from our clients who have found their happiness through this site. So why wait? Try to become happy!

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